The Purpose of our club is to introduce the merits of wrestling to elementary school students in a fun, systematic way. Wrestling is a wonderful tool that can facilitate and reinforce some of the cherished core values that all parents hope to instill in their children: self-confidence, self-reliance, accountability, work ethic, etc. Of course, wrestling is also fun and a great form of exercise.


The ultimate goal of the club is to foster and develop a vibrant and robust youth wrestling community within the Bishop Watterson feeder-school system. As the members/coaches of our club embark on this great journey, we will continuously work to present opportunities to all participants that will inspire and motivate them.


Winning, although ever-present in our world, will not be a focal point in the club. We will teach, expect and discuss daily that the kids learn to put forth their absolute best effort every time they step on the mat; and most importantly, have fun throughout the entire process.


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